Charles Matthew Rousseaux: May 2004 Archives

The Builders of Iraq

"All are architects of Fate,/Working in these walls of Time;/Some with massive deeds and great,/Some with ornaments of rhyme. Nothing useless is, or low;/Each thing in its place is best;/And what seems but idle show/Strengthens and supports the rest."... Read More

Cheer Up, Hawks

There's a hint of hopelessness in the air, understandable given the shocking images and casualty reports that continue to come out of Iraq. While the neurasthenic natterings of the likes of Maureen Dowd would be of little note, much... Read More

Shrinkage and Synthesis

Fiscal conservatives often dream about shrinking the size of government. At least one part of bureaucracy recently laid out a plan to do so voluntarily. However, the strategy is more likely to give conservatives a sinking than a shrinking... Read More

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