Charles Matthew Rousseaux: June 2004 Archives

Iraq: The Creators

Amid the car bombs and carnage, being optimistic about the situation in Iraq and the June 30 handover of sovereignty is quite a challenge. Many might say it could only be met by street pharmaceuticals or at least severe... Read More

Congress Writes a Will

Wills are usually only exciting to their writers, giving them a good chance to chuckle about leaving a good chunk of their estate to a beloved cat instead of a ne'er-do-well nephew. Unfortunately, while writing its own will, the... Read More

Space Vision Misunderestimated

"Where are they going without ever knowing the way?" Asked the band Fastball in their hit "The Way." The same question could have been asked of the U.S. manned space program for the last several decades. Where it manifestly... Read More

Iraq: The Warriors

Another long gray line of warriors has joined the battalions engaged in the war on terror. Their duties are still being determined; the country they are fighting for is still in existential jeopardy. But Iraq, under the leadership of... Read More

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