Articles by Chresten Anderson

Snus or Lose

New findings by Professor Brad Rodu from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and Professor Michael Kunze from the University of Vienna reveal just how harmful the European Union's ban on smokeless tobacco is: very harmful. At a recent meeting... Read More

Danish Good Sense: Calories In, Calories Out

The Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR) recently reported that a soft drink per day doubles the risk of women getting type 2 diabetes. The online news story featured a doctor who argued that both men and women jeopardize their health... Read More

The High Cost of Being Open

Recently the website was launched. It is essentially an advertisement portal for open source software and free software. Its intended purpose is to "address the need for a comprehensive overview of open source software available for consumers." Th Read More

No Bundle of Joy?

The European Union's competition commissioner, Mario Monti, may soon demand that Microsoft sell two versions of its operating system, Windows, in the EU: one with MediaPlayer, its music and video software, and one without. According to Monti and the... Read More

Reality TV

In the UN Security Council the debate is raging over the Iraqi dictator: Should a US-led coalition invade and forcefully disarm, and possibly retire, Saddam Hussein? World opinion is split between the voices arguing for military action, led by US... Read More

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