Articles by Chris Charuhas

Cultivating Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is the key to economic growth, as new companies grow 20 times faster than old ones. Many cities try to foster such growth, most fail. Why? Virginia provides two models of ways to promote entrepreneurship - a successful one... Read More

A Tale of Two Business Climates

Entrepreneurship drives economic growth. Startup firms grow 20 times as fast as large, mature companies, and according to the National Commission on Entrepreneurship, fast-growth, high-risk startups create more than half of all new jobs. So, what's the best way... Read More

Dead Trees to

Retail book publishers are in trouble. A decade ago, they could expect a healthy 10% profit margin selling books in bookstores. Now publishers' profits are less than half that, averaging around 4%. Their bookstore sales have also dropped in each... Read More

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