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When it comes to non-compliance with EU rules or international law there are two kinds of perpetrators. The first type is subject to legislative and administrative problems resulting from organizational, legal, technical and financial factors. The second one sees n Read More

From Brussels With Love

In its original format dating back to 1993, Belgium's so-called "universal competence" law allowed virtually anyone to use Belgian courts to bring war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity charges against virtually anyone else, regardless of where those alle Read More

Size Isn't Everything

Seven years ago in Chicago, the first ever U.S. and European Partenariat for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) was held. The objective was to provide a unique "matchmaking" opportunity for businesses that otherwise might not have the resources required to.. Read More

Kissing Cousins No More

In a great variety of areas -- foreign policy, demography, religion, economics -- Americans and Europeans are growing apart. Some Europeans complain that the U.S. is increasingly heading off on its own without them. They are right. America's psychic link... Read More

Single Minded

Considering that ten new countries are going to join the EU in 2004, implementation of the 'acquis communautaire', the EU body of law, is of paramount importance for a well-functioning single market and a high-level playing field for all member... Read More

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