Articles by Christian Jokinen

Baltic Bully

For years Flatlandians have fought for their independence from Rightland's domination. Rightland's oppression has led to the formation of Flatlandian resistance movements which in turn have started a violent campaign against Rightland and the Rightlandian minority Read More

To the Viktor Goes...

Pro-Western democrat Viktor Yushchenko has won the renewed presidential election in Ukraine, held on December 26. Preliminary results point at a clear victory, securing 52 percent of the votes against Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovich's 44. Also the turnout was high Read More

Russia's Phantom War on Terror

The tragedy of the school siege of Beslan, North Ossetia, in the beginning of September was a reminder for the world of the fact that terrorist tactics have been successful in penetrating the North Caucasian conflict region. However, the... Read More

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