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TCS COP11 Coverage: Home of Le Whopper

MONTREAL -- In "Animal House", Dean Wormer pleaded, "Who delivered the medical school cadavers to the alumni dinner? Every Halloween the trees are filled with underwear. Every Spring the toilets explode." The alpha Omega, Greg Marmalard, replied, "You're talking ab Read More

The Green of Green Government

The Financial Times recently carried an op-ed by Harvard professor John Quelch that gushed over corporations electing the green business model (or at least green rhetoric). This paean to the erstwhile British Petroleum -- now BP: Beyond Petroleum -- epitomizes... Read More

TCS COP 10 Coverage: Inuit All Along

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina -- On Monday representatives from Iceland held a prime-time event announcing a study on Arctic warming. Featuring computer-predicted melting and pleas about the Arctic Inuit's plight, the report was already a month old and well-spun through Read More

TCS COP 10 Coverage: Who's The Greatest?

BUENOS AIRES -- British Prime Minister Tony Blair's Science Advisor Sir David King regularly calls climate change "the greatest threat facing mankind" and "worse than terrorism." A local paper here, the Buenos Aires Herald, echoed this sentiment in an... Read More

TCS COP 10 Coverage: Premature Congratulation

Buenos Aires -- "Post-2012"! is the mantra of thousands of bureaucrats and pressure group advocates meeting here this week here, referring to discussions about further climate change emission reduction commitments to follow the Kyoto Protocol's expiry in eight yea Read More

The Never Ending Story

Late this week -- for the fourth time in recent memory -- major press outlets trumpeted that, as Bloomberg News put it, "Russia Approves Kyoto Protocol". The stories claimed Russia would be ratifying the global treaty designed to reduce... Read More

U.S. Buckles to Pressure?

CANCUN, Mexico -- As the World Trade Organization (WTO) continues its biennial Ministerial talks here, the European Union unveiled a startling new condition for future trade agreements: the inclusion of "Sustainable Impact Assessments" (SIA), a green analysis of p Read More

'I'm Mo Green!'

CANCUN, Mexico -- "I'm Mo Green!" bellowed the casino owner, suggesting that his uninvited but insistent suitor Michael Corleone appreciate their relative stations in the scheme of Las Vegas, one of many oft imitated moments from the movie in... Read More

Here's the Plan

On Thursday Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham and Commerce Secretary Donald Evans released the Bush administration's Climate Change Science Program (CCSP) strategic plan. According to the press announcement: "The strategic plan describes the research activities to Read More

Moderate No More

That stint on the Democratic Ticket - and the concomitant six months on the road with "Earth in the Balance" author Al Gore - made quite a mark on Senator and presidential aspirant Joe Lieberman (D-Conn.). Since that time... Read More

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