Christopher C. Horner: September 2002 Archives

Powell for the Poor

The U.S. State Department is often the bane of conservatives' existence, mostly for its institutional embrace of the multilateral, let's-not-offend-anyone (particularly the Europeans), kumbaya-ism. Even in the Bush Administration, Secretary of State Colin Powell pr Read More

Green with Greed

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa - "Green" groups do quite well for themselves courtesy of business and foundations derived from corporate wealth (Pew, Ford, Rockefeller, Heinz, MacArthur). Still, the green machine is not free from financial challenge. History has proven Read More

'A Totalitarian Effort'

JOHANNESBURG - Stanley Kubrick may be gone, but his portrayal of a hellish future corrupted by the abuses of corporatist government are alive and well. Nowhere are such dark prospects more in evidence than at today's "Sustainable Mobility" presentation by... Read More

Russian Roulette

JOHANNESBURG - Russia played the first Kyoto card at this "World Summit on Sustainable Development," and it just might be an Ace. A member of the Russian delegation alarmed the greens and our economic competitors in the European Union (EU)... Read More

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