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Demystifying Iowa

Q: What's a Caucus? A: The old saw in Iowa is "caucus" is an Indian word for gathering together to make a great noise. That may be apocryphal, but the noise Iowa's caucuses generate is certainly no myth. Generally,... Read More

WWJD (What Would Jeane Do?)

We are a world riven by schisms. The Sunni faction is in revolt against the Shiite-dominated Iraqi government. Hezbollah is in revolt against the ruling government in Lebanon. Hamas is in revolt against the Israeli government control of Palestinian... Read More

Surge and Decline

The president won the election with barely a vote to spare. His partisan opponents questioned the election's legitimacy -- yet in the midterm elections, where the White House's party is typically punished harshly, the president lost just four seats... Read More

Nader Numbers

"Thanks Ralph!" That's what the GOP is saying, of course. Let's stipulate that Nader will do less damage to the 2004 Democratic nominee than he did to Al Gore. The New York Times has editorialized convincingly that the stakes... Read More

The Viewer's Guide to the Iowa Caucus

Every four years, the presidential primary pulls on high boots and heads into the frozen cornfields of Iowa looking for a nominee -- or rather, more commonly, looking for those who will not be the nominee. No candidate since... Read More

Imprisoning Dissenters

A wealthy corporate titan undermines and criticizes a vast nation's president. The president grows ever more tired of the stinging dissent, and ultimately cracks down, jailing the offender and causing the nation's fragile stock market to crash.   Vladimir Puti Read More

Publius vs. Demos

"I just want you to know that I have a part for you in 'Terminator 4.'"   California gubernatorial candidate Arnold Schwarzenegger lobbed that smiling shell at columnist Arianna Huffington during this week's five-way recall candidate debate. But it is... Read More

Loved or Feared?

This Wednesday North Korea, the second leg of the now bipartite Axis of Evil, will sit down to talks with the Bush administration and China in Beijing. That meeting follows Pyongyong's startling 180 a week ago Saturday - about 48... Read More

Cheers for Fears

This week in Ur we witnessed what may have been the birth of a new national government in Iraq. That meeting, and the Iraqi anarchy resulting from the fall of Baghdad, has given us an excellent chance to observe in... Read More

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