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Bangkok, Thailand In the wake of a global investment boom driven by cheap credit, a central-bank-induced crisis marks the beginning of the liquidation phase of the current business cycle. Unlike the past two business cycles, the current one involves rising... Read More

China's Real Enemies Are Chinese

China's interactions with the rest of the world have always been problematic. During its past days of glory, the Middle Kingdom expected the rest of the world to offer tribute in recognition of its undeniably superior cultural, political and... Read More

Poor Performances

Newspapers around the world recently carried an item that seems to be a damning indictment of the US government and the American people. The 2005 US Census indicates that the percentage of poor Americans living in "severe" poverty is... Read More

From Communism to Keynesianism

While it seems that China has escaped from the economic disasters of the bad old days of communism, it is succumbing to the theories and policies of warmed-over Keynesianism. Beijing is giving up class struggle and central planning to apply... Read More

Sanity Returns

Sanity is finally beginning to prevail among central bankers in Asia. After keeping their benchmark interest rates artificially low, they are beginning to anticipate that their domestic monetary policies were adding to a tsunami of excess global liquidity. At last, Read More

Sales Tax? Hong Kong Fooey

Hong Kong's administrative government announced a $1.8 billion surplus for 2005-06. The move to a public-sector surplus in Hong Kong is good news. Until recently, government deficits accounted for 23 percent of GDP, up from 20 percent in recent years.... Read More

Go Gradual, or Big Bang?

North Korea seems to have real staying power when it comes to remaining on the radar screen of 24-hour news coverage. When it is not popping off missiles or making incoherent gestures of defiance against real and imagined enemies, Pyonyang... Read More

Asia's New Financial Hubs

The governments of South Korea and China have made clear their plans to promote the development of regional financial hubs in Seoul and Shanghai, respectively. While neither can hope to overtake Tokyo in terms of deep and relatively-wide financial markets,... Read More

Delusions about Democracy in Nepal

Vientiane, LAOS -- Widespread applause greeted the restoration of democracy by Nepal's King Gyanendra in appointing former Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala to head a new government. Koirala was nominated by a coalition of the seven main political parties that.. Read More

Money Meddlers

Vientiane, LAOS -- China is neither the only nor the worst currency manipulator. It turns out that Korea and Japan, two of America's closet allies in Asia, have been in the game for much longer. But as in the... Read More

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