Christopher Lingle: July 2004 Archives

Beijing Lacks Respect for Japan's Sovereignty

It is a constant refrain of officials in Beijing that no other country should interfere with its internal affairs or even pass comment on events that occur inside China. However, this insistence on "non-interference" only works one way since... Read More

When Is a Crisis Not a Crisis?

FINANCIAL AND ECONOMIC TURMOIL SELDOM LEAD TO REAL "CRISES" Here's a tough one. Let's banish the use of the term "crisis" from all discussion relating to unhappy economic or financial conditions. Granted, it will be hard to do. In... Read More

The Price Is Right. Or Is It?

Many central bankers have been singing the praises of inflation targeting as a way to guarantee stable price levels and bring about sustained economic growth. For its part, the Bank of England helped pioneer inflation targeting and is credited... Read More

Thrift, Not Consumption, Creates Prosperity

According to a survey by ACNielsen, Asian consumers are upbeat about the region's economic prospects and slightly more optimistic than they were at the end of 2003. As part of its bi-annual regional consumer surveys by conducts, the percentage... Read More

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