Christopher Lingle: September 2004 Archives

Indonesia's Wrong Path

During her failed election campaign, President Megawati Soekarnoputri promised, if re-elected, to "create" more jobs. While this promise may have been based upon what was thought to be good electioneering, it reflects a poor understanding of economic realities. As Read More

Redenominating the Won is No Big Deal

Several options are being considered by the South Korean central bank relating to the local currency that includes changing the denominations or issuing higher-value banknotes. This would involve introducing either a note worth 100,000 Won or to reduce the... Read More

Is Keynes a Good Substitute for Marx?

China has overcome some of the economic disasters of an obsession of its leaders with Marxist-Leninist communism. Despite abandoning ideology for pragmatism, Beijing has adopted a new but equally discredited set of economic theories and policies. Class struggle an Read More

Is This Any Way to Grow an Economy?

In a fruitless and pointless exercise, economic policy makers and businesses fret endlessly over the international value of currencies. This is because interventions to guide foreign exchange valuations tend to be costly and may have only temporary effect, at... Read More

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