Christopher Lingle: February 2005 Archives

Self-Ownership Is a Key to China's Future Prosperity

President Hu Jintao understands the importance of improving the lives of Chinas rural poor. As it is, most of the 800 million Chinese peasants feel they were left out of the boom that brought relative prosperity and modernity to... Read More

Mind the Banks

While many people were still reeling from the injuries inflicted by the bubble, absurdly-inflated prices richocheted around the world. For example, the governments in China and Korea have been complaining about real estate bubbles as evident in soaring pric Read More

Can Taiwan Do Better?

Taiwan's economic growth rate of about 5.9 percent for 2004 was the best performance in seven years. At the same time, the unemployment rate improved to just over 4 percent, its lowest level since May 2001. Despite these improvements, policy... Read More

Tokyo Tax Trouble

For most politicians and bureaucrats, so-called tax reform is a cover for them to raise taxes. And so it is not surprising that Japan's Tax Commission insists it is impossible to avoid tax increases to sort out Tokyo's fiscal... Read More

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