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Only Death Is Inevitable

In Hong Kong government authorities cite the volatility of government revenues from land sales and other sources to suggest a widening of supposedly narrow tax base is required. The imposition of a goods-and-services tax could generate up to HK$30 billion... Read More

The Corruption Fighter

According to Transparency International (TI), some of the most corrupt governments are in Asia. Bangladesh is second from the bottom with Indonesia, Pakistan, Vietnam, Papua New Guinea, India and the Philippines hovering near the abyss. An annual survey of executiv Read More

Costly Populism

Indonesia and many other Asian governments offer subsidies to hold down energy costs. Despite the declared intentions to keep prices low in order to contribute to economic growth, there is no evidence that such actions do so. In fact, these... Read More

Japan's Supply Problems

Japan's economy has slipped, yet again, into recession. And once again, fingers are being pointed at low household consumption as the cause of the country's sluggish economic growth In turn, the high savings by Japanese households (between 15 to 20... Read More

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