Christopher Lingle: April 2005 Archives

Bad Architects Destabilize Global Markets

After widespread economic and financial turmoil in much of East Asia in 1997 and 1998, there was a widespread perception that global markets were in a state of crisis and that emerging markets were victimized by short-term capital flows. This... Read More

Excessive Asian Reserves?

Reflecting a fetish for hard currency similar to the Mercantilist obsession with gold, East Asia's foreign-exchange reserves have more than doubled since the turmoil in 1997-98. Japan's foreign reserves of over $840 billion were the highest in the world for... Read More

Seoul Searching

Several lessons can be derived from the resignation of South Korea's Finance-Economy Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Lee Hun-jai over speculative property transactions. Just as revolutionaries devour their own children, Mr. Lee was hoisted on the petard of the g Read More

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