Christopher Lingle: March 2006 Archives

Singhing the Praises of Capital Convertibility

Bali, INDONESIA -- For most of India's post-colonial era, the views guiding economic policy and those expressed by opinion makers reflected a deep-seated contempt for markets. Despite the failings of socialist economic policies at home and the successes of market.. Read More

Cheap Credit and Export-led Bubbles

Ubud, BALI - INDONESIA -- Recent moves towards central banks having greater independence from political interference have been applauded in the belief this contributes to greater global stability. Whatever the presumed and unproven benefits, it does not appear that Read More

Never Mind the Gap

Bali, INDONESIA - South Korea's President Roh Moo-hyun has expressed serious concern about income "bipolarization" whereby a gap between upper- and lower-income brackets widened. His anguish was not over the fate of the starving masses under the boot heel of... Read More

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