Christopher Lingle: April 2006 Archives

The Mau-Mau Maoists

With so much attention paid to Nepal and its ongoing political struggle, it is worth considering who are the self-appointed agents of change. It is also worth noting that while King Gyanendra is somewhat incompetent and assumed extraordinary powers by... Read More

No Help for the Consumer

The actions of American antitrust regulators and their counterparts in the European Union -- to make the world safe for would-be competitors of Microsoft -- are well known. But it appears that South Korean antitrust regulators have taken a cue... Read More

Show Me the Productivity

According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), South Korea's economic recovery is "underway" and growth should accelerate next year. A revival of economic activity in the early part of this year has accelerated steadily and was being driven by private... Read More

So Much for Reform

The release of India's central government budget sparked a veritable flood of ink and mixed commentary. Perhaps the public relations blitz at the World Economic Forum in Davos trumpeting New Delhi's commitment to reform led to mostly positive coverage. But... Read More

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