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The US and China: Strategic Disconnect

President Bush and Chinese president Hu Jintao will have a full plate of immediate issues when they meet on Thursday, April 20. The United States will undoubtedly push for: Greater flexibility for Chinese currency rates, Stepped up enforcement of intellectual... Read More

The Doha Round: Bang or Whimper?

While there is a solid consensus that the December WTO Hong Kong Ministerial meeting produced only meager results, a cacophony of voices and opinions has emerged regarding the final outcome of the Doha Round -- and, indeed, how soon the... Read More

Avoiding an Air War

The legal maxim that "hard cases make bad law" may well play out again in the developing high-stakes brawl between the U.S. and the EU over alleged subsidies to Boeing and Airbus in the construction and launch of new... Read More

What Happened to 'Compete, Not Retreat'?

Certainly neither candidate or party has a monopoly on the right course for future public policy, but at least in one area -- international trade policy -- supporters of free trade and more open, competitive markets (including the U.S.... Read More

The G-8: Abolish or Transform It

Sometime in the next day or two I am sure to get calls from reporters at leading newspapers asking me to comment on the prospects and significance of the declarations that will conclude the annual meeting (Tuesday-Thursday) of heads... Read More

"National Champions": The Real "Old Europe"

Whatever one thinks about the validity of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's distinction between "old" and "new" Europe vis-à-vis the war in Iraq, there is little doubt that the actions of the French government, dictating the merger between Sanofi Synthelabo... Read More

Destined to Fail

Though last-minute compromises may paper over fundamental disagreements regarding central environmental goals at the Johannesburg Summit, there is already a theme of failure emanating from this vast and disparate assemblage of government officials, public interest Read More

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