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Txt Msg Tax = :-(

In May, a senior centre-right French MEP named Alain Lamassoure suggested that the EU should levy a tax on text messages (SMS) and email messages to shore up the future financing of EU programs. The suggestion came at the joint... Read More

A Sheep in Wolf's Clothes

The EU Presidency is by far the most honest expression of the European Union's real nature. First, given that it hardly matters who presides over the entity ruled by an unelected and largely unaccountable European Commission - the EU Presidency... Read More

Coulda Had a G8

This week, anticipating a tough G8 summit in St. Petersburg, the EU leadership finally issued a long-overdue statement of intention to move to a free-trade deal with Russia following Russia's accession to the WTO. The statement, issued by the European... Read More

Less Is More

When it comes to government spending, less is more. Less government spending and involvement in the economy - both in terms of regulatory interference and taxation burden - are associated with higher rates of economic growth, better productivity and more... Read More

Reality of the Leisure Class

Andrew Carnegie's century-old conjecture asserts that large inheritance will decrease a person's labor-force participation. The idle wealthy classes aside, a somewhat different proposition applies for the working classes: a decrease in after-tax real income through Read More

The Rights Stuff

A miniaturist in Turkish author Orhan Pamuk's My Name Is Red, a tale of murder, art and clashing civilizations, once remarked that "An artist should never succumb to hubris of any kind, he should simply paint the way he sees... Read More

Celtic Tiger, Endangered Species

Ireland is commonly regarded around the world as a shining example of private markets at work. Yet, unnoticed by many, over the last five years, the country has been sliding into the abyss of rising government spending, indirect tax increases... Read More

Central Bank Blues

It's an iron law of conflicted Third World countries that anything you do can get you shot at - including nothing. But whether it's tax harmonization or the Bolkestein-Frankenstein Services Directive the law seems, in its own way, to work... Read More

Europe's Chechen Blind Spot

In late October, while the European Parliament was debating new proposals for anti-terror cooperation and legislation within Europe, the UK website and its affiliates in Germany and Belgium posted a statement from the Chechen "Commander in Chie Read More

Web of Confusion

Just weeks before the UN-sponsored World Summit on the Information Society in Tunis, the European Union is gaining international support for its proposal to internationalize control of the World Wide Web. Adopted by EU telecommunication ministers in July, the plan. Read More

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