Articles by Craig S. Marxsen

Taking the American Dream Off Carbon Fuels

The presidential election of 2008 found Americans voting as if convinced that the concurrent once in a hundred years financial crisis was unrelated to political ambitions to hasten getting America off carbon fuels. The collapse of housing values underlying the... Read More

Self-Imposed Crisis?

Larry Kudlow (TCSDAILY, 06 October 2008) correctly emphasizes the monetary tightening that unwittingly set the stage for the current financial crisis. How can such an old-fashioned liquidity crisis panic financial markets under today's regime of fiat money? The Fed Read More

The Big Business of Blocking Entry

Panelists on the program Fox News Sunday recently discussed Al Gore's March 21 global warming "planetary emergency" address to Congress, in which Gore urged a freeze on carbon dioxide emissions. At the end of the news summary, a discussion... Read More

Why Are Workers Earning Less Than They Used To?

For the past 30 years, environmental regulations have been largely well received by the American public, a reflection of the fact that many now consider themselves strongly pro-environment. Other manifestations of the "greening" of American attitudes surround us: s Read More

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