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Let the Music Do the Talking

BRUSSELS -- As is so often the case, something Barbra Streisand did got me to thinking. The singing legend's triumphant return to the live concert stage featured a lengthy and, by most accounts, supremely unfunny skit lampooning George W. Bush.... Read More

Europe Rising?

We might forgive Europeans a little gloating in recent weeks over some economic news of the man-bites-dog variety. It seems the EU outperformed both the US and Japan in the last quarter, posting a 0.9 percent growth rate (with an... Read More

A Conversation with Boyden Gray

On his recent visit to Vienna to meet with EU leaders, US President George W. Bush was met with angry protests and tough, sometimes belligerent, questions from the European Press corps. But is all as bad as it seems? TCS... Read More

Transatlantic Trade-Off

BRUSSELS -- Not surprisingly, press coverage of this week's visit by US President George W. Bush to Vienna for a summit meeting with EU leaders focused on what divides Europe and America -- especially the effort by European governments to... Read More

Old School Europe

A timely political scandal may provide an unexpected boost to an idea that has so far attracted little enthusiasm: a European version of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Proponents of a new EU academic research Mecca -- chief among them... Read More

A Whiff of Anti-Americanism

CANNES, France -- How do you tell when a particular Cannes Film Festival is, say, a tad less glamorous than its predecessors? When the money quote of the week comes from Al Gore. At a press conference before the screening... Read More

The Struggle for 'Open Europe'

The French, it seems, have finally found a cause for which they are willing to go to war. Unfortunately, in this fight, victory equals defeat. I'm not referring to the pathetic display of pseudo-revolutionary nostalgia staged for the last several... Read More

Gambling on the Future

LAS VEGAS -- This desert town has always been an oasis of dreams -- some good, some bad, but almost all about the same thing: hitting it big. It's a town where glamour meets gauche, where high-rollers mix with hicks... Read More

Innovation Time: For TCS and the EU

BRUSSELS -- Since TCS Europe was launched in the summer of 2002, the European Union has weathered a lot of ups and downs, from its historic enlargement to include former communist bloc nations to its bitter internal split over whether... Read More

How to Wear Your Heart Just Under Your Sleeve

BRUSSELS -- This summer's hottest fashion accessory is the silicone rubber message bracelet. Look down at your wrist. If you're not wearing one, you probably are a self-centered person who does not give a damn about any important issue... Read More

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