Craig Winneker: October 2004 Archives

Is This the End of Rocco?

Good old-fashioned political battles are rare in Brussels, where marathon disagreements over cod-fishing quotas or qualified-majority-voting logarithms are what normally pass for high drama. So it has been refreshing over the last couple of weeks to see politician Read More

The Strangest Show on Earth

BRUSSELS -- A huge circus tent suddenly dominates Brussels' Rond Point Schuman, the institutional epicenter of the self-styled capital of Europe. No, I'm not talking metaphorically about the Berlaymont, the now-infamous headquarters of the European Commission, whi Read More

Tax Europa

BRUSSELS -- Yet another scandal is brewing in Belgium. No, it doesn't have to do with a pedophile-murder ring, nor with dioxin-contaminated chickens nor supposedly tainted Coca-Cola -- all of which have brought the small country international infamy in... Read More

Let's Talk Turkey

BRUSSELS -- This week the European Commission issues its long-awaited recommendation on whether to launch accession negotiations with Turkey. It has been a tough road for Ankara to get this far. Turkey first applied for membership in the European... Read More

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