Craig Winneker: November 2004 Archives

Send Rove on Over

After he finishes celebrating the re-election victory he masterminded for US President George W. Bush, political adviser Karl Rove might consider taking on a new, far more difficult challenge: winning the various referendums European countries will hold on an... Read More

Don't Tread on Me

BRUSSELS -- Europeans have become adept at disdaining America even as they consume its products unashamedly. From Moroccan toughs sporting New York Yankees caps and Tommy Hilfiger red-white-and-blue to French teenagers lining up out the door at McDonald's, their.. Read More

New Europe's Lessons

A couple of weeks ago, at a press breakfast organized by Slovakia's permanent representation to the EU, Ambassador Maroš Šefcovic said something startling. Having just been appointed to his country's top diplomatic posting in Brussels, he wanted to introduce... Read More

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