Articles by Crispin Sartwell

Digital Swarms

When Aristotle tried to account for human action and decision, he did it in terms of what is called "the practical syllogism." A desire and a judgment lead to an action. For example: you're hungry (desire); you think a Whopper... Read More


Ponder with me if you dare and care to the matter of bio-art: art that uses living organisms as a medium. I'm not talking about elephants with brushes in their trunks, but works of art made of microbes, or... Read More

Serendipity, Art and Technology

There's a scene in the movie "Pollock" in which Jackson is gearing up to paint one of his fairly unremarkable quasi-abstractions when he spills a little paint on the canvas. He curses, then looks at the drips with growing interest.... Read More

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