Articles by Dana Joel Gattuso

Forest Reforms in Crossfire

On July 1, the Forest Service will celebrate its 100th Anniversary and will, no doubt, commemorate the past century's vast forest growth and reforestation throughout many parts of the nation. But before the agency uncorks too many bottles of bubbly,... Read More

Asbestos Exposed

"Hundreds of thousands (of industrial and construction workers), assembled through an unprecedented recruitment effort by plaintiff lawyers...have no discernable illness or impairment..." -- Lester Brickman, Professor of Law, Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, Yes Read More

Needed: An Endangered Marines Act

"Our new radar -- it's a remarkable scientific achievement capable of spotting an intruder in the air at quite a long range... But we can't get permission to put her up [on top of the mountain from] the National Park... Read More

Talking E-Trash

Haste maketh waste and in the fast-pace world of technology, there's a lot of it. Americans trash 220 million pounds of old computers and other forms of electronic waste each year, according to the EPA. And while that's still just... Read More

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