Articles by Daniel Clifton

Completing the Dividend Revolution

In May 2003, President George W. Bush signed into law the Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act (JGTRRA). The centerpiece of the plan was the slashing of the double tax placed on dividends and the equalizing of the dividend... Read More

The Shareholder Election

Since the conclusion of the presidential election, total shareholder wealth has increased $430 billion, or roughly 3.8 percent in just seven days of trading. Total shareholder wealth is now at its highest level since April 19, 2001. It's astonishing... Read More

John Kerry's 19 Year Attack on Investors

Next week's election is important for middle-class investors. A number of public policy issues hang in the balance that will influence shareholder returns. But uncovering John Kerry's intentions on public policy issues is difficult because he speaks in broad... Read More

The Pleasantly Surprising Deficit Numbers

Last week, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) released the final budget numbers for the recently ended fiscal year 2004 showing a budget deficit of $413 billion. This is the largest budget deficit in nominal dollars and opponents... Read More

Ownership Society Will Determine Victory

The greatest political and demographic shift over the past twenty years was not the number of new Spanish speaking residents, but rather the number of individuals who owned shares of stock. In the 1996 elections, pundits spoke of soccer... Read More

A Message From the Market

On July 16, the New York Times reported pharmaceutical company Schering-Plough will plead guilty to criminal charges for cheating the federal Medicaid program. Additionally, the paper reported the company will agree to pay $350 million in fines. At first... Read More

Incentives Matter: A Lesson

On Tuesday, Microsoft Corp. announced the company will double its annual dividend payment to shareholders by $3.5 billion per year, pay a one-time special dividend of $32 billion and repurchase $30 billion of company stock over the next four... Read More

What Best Buy Teaches Us

Last month, Best Buy Co. Inc. CEO Brad Anderson declined 200,000 stock options worth $7.5 million and instead awarded the options to non-executive employees who are helping the company thrive in the face of heavy competition. This bold decision... Read More

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