Articles by David Boaz

Where Are the Anti-Communist Movies?

The new movie The Wind That Shakes the Barley, about the Irish struggle for independence in the early 1920s, has beautiful Irish cinematography and effectively shows us the poverty of Ireland, the commitment of the rebels, the conflicts inevitable... Read More

It Takes a Hillage

More than two million people have viewed a video on YouTube that mocks Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton as an Orwellian Big Sister. It's a "mash-up" of the 1984 Super Bowl commercial that portrayed IBM as Big Brother. In the... Read More

The World Turner

Milton Friedman died at the age of 94. Over his long life, he had the satisfaction of seeing the world turn in his direction. Friedman was born in New York in 1912, at the end of a long period... Read More

The Real Wealth Gap

A new study from the Federal Reserve says that the wealth gap between rich and poor grew wider as the stock market boomed in the late 1990s. The most obvious reason is that more than half of all American families... Read More

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