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How Conservatives Are Winning the Health Care Fight

It's difficult to tell what impact Obamacare will have on healthcare insurance policies. And, regardless of who wins the Obamacare debates of the next few years, I'll suggest three trends in health coverage. Read More

Rethinking Socialized Medicine In Canada

As Washington prepares to implement the White House's health care reforms, no one is talking much about Regina, Saskatchewan, these days. Maybe that's not surprising: With so much work falling on state governments, the news cycle focuses on Albany, Indianapolis and Read More

The Coming Obamacare Deficits

On a quiet Friday afternoon this summer, the central justification for President Obama's health-care overhaul died a quiet death. On that day, a bipartisan coalition in Congress reversed the scheduled Medicare cuts to physician payments, ensuring that, over the nex Read More

Orszag's Broken Cost-Cutting Promises

For the most part, Congressional hearings are a sleepy affair, nothing like the dramatic television portrayal with hard questions from flashy politicians and gillions of reporters hanging on every word. Most witnesses tend to be noncontroversial, sticking to pre-wr Read More

ObamaCare: A NICE Kettle Of Fish

With the presidential ink not quite dry on the health overhaul legislation, Republicans and their conservative allies promise to repeal it. That could prove a long battle, one that could stretch out for years. Read More

ObamaCare's Deficits

President Obama insists that his health reform legislation is "the most significant effort to reduce deficits since the Balanced Budget Act of 1993." Yet, at the end of March a Gallup poll found that a solid majority of Americans--61%--believe that it will increase Read More

Obama's "New" Health Care Idea

Health-care proposals from the White House follow a set pattern. The President identifies a real problem; he talks about the need for bipartisan action; he finally proposes a partisan solution that has been tried somewhere and failed miserably. Most of... Read More

Medicine Isn't Perfect, Obamacare Is Even Less Perfect

Pay for the blue pill that works, not the red one that doesn't. That's the president's simple prescription for improving American health care, one that relies on government panels and committees to set guidelines for doctors and patients alike. At... Read More

Disease Without Borders

Editor's note: The following remarks were delivered at the Risk: Regulation and Reality Conference by Dr. David Gratzer, a physician and a Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute. The conference was co-hosted by Tech Central Station and was held on... Read More

Confusing a Bargain and a Good Deal

Sometimes a bargain isn't a good deal. That is what health ministers in the European Union are discovering as they review pharmaceutical pricing in their countries. A careful study of the continent's price controls disclosed that Europeans might be... Read More

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