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Rich Man's President? Look Harder

Last week, the Federal Reserve released their triannual survey of family income. The press seized on the major finding, that average family income declined from 2001 through 2004 and that growth in families' net worth was the slowest in a... Read More

Dirty Political Air

Covering the environment in Washington, one thing quickly becomes clear: Environmental battles are almost never about the environment or anything close to it. This year's case in point is a blossoming D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals battle over what to... Read More

Sinners in the Hands
Of an Angry Gaia

Delusional. That's the only word that fits. Christopher Flavin, president of the Worldwatch Institute, one of Washington's most influential environmental activist groups, has gone completely off the deep end. While holding odd and often discredited beliefs is not Read More

Haven't I Seen You Some Place Before?

Probably the only thing most Americans have heard of "facial recognition technology" was the bleating of the American Civil Liberties Union when the technology was used to search for wanted criminals among the incoming crowd at last January's Super Bowl.... Read More

Save Wildlife: Stop the Semantics Over 'Species'

Part One of Two Click here to read Part Two What do an Alaskan goose, a white-tailed deer from Washington state and a flat-bellied water snake from Michigan all have in common? They all are (or recently were) listed as... Read More

Public Citizen's Hit And Hide Attack On Bush's Regulatory Czar

Barely moments after the Bush White House announced their decision to appoint a respected Harvard researcher to be the administration's regulatory czar at the Office of Management and Budget, the left-wing advocacy group Public Citizen produced a 130-page hit piece Read More

Carnivore Review Guaranteed to Satisfy No One

In August, when the controversy over the FBI`s e-mail-snooping program called Carnivore reached a peak, Attorney General Janet Reno was typically forthright and sounded like she understood public privacy concerns: "I don`t know that I can satisfy all the privacy... Read More

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