Articles by David R. Henderson & Charles L. Hooper

When Lady Luck Plays Moneyball

Most sports fans and sports analysts, for all their hours examining their teams, are fundamentally wrong about one important aspect of sports. Most of these spectators decide which teams are good or bad right now based on their winning and... Read More

The Social Security Trust Fund is Irrelevant (Or How Al Gore Was Right)

One of the least-noted, but most important, statements about Social Security President Bush made in his April 28 press conference is "by 2041 Social Security will be bankrupt." In so saying, President Bush seems to have caved and moved away... Read More

Grey Matter

Many people have seen the pharmaceutical company Merck's recent recall of Vioxx (rofecoxib) as confirmation of Merck's dysfunctional or dishonest management. Others see it as evidence of the FDA's dysfunction. But what the Vioxx case really highlights is the... Read More

The Top One Percent Includes You

Presidential aspirant John Kerry likes to discuss "the wealthiest one percent". In this he is following in the footsteps of Al Gore who, when running for president, excoriated the one percenters to drive a wedge between them and the... Read More

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