Articles by Dean Kleckner

No Day at the Beach

Perhaps the world's agriculture trade negotiators thought they'd get to lounge on the beach and sip margaritas when they arranged for their September 2003 session to occur in Cancun. If so, they must be sorely disappointed by the members of... Read More

'My Dear Watson' - and Crick

I won't ever forget where I was on November 22, 1963, or what I was doing when I learned John F. Kennedy had been shot. The same goes for September 11, 2001, the day mass terrorism came to America.... Read More

Biotech Boogeyman

There's an initiative on the ballot in Oregon this fall that deserves to be labeled scary - and not just for the people of Oregon. Measure 27 would require any product containing at least one genetically modified ingredient to carry... Read More

Trader Woes

Few people know it, but the great outdoors photographer Ansel Adams was also an accomplished pianist. During one private concert, however, he had trouble keeping his left hand in time with his right one. "I went through the entire nocturne... Read More

Dressing Down Environmental Fashion

Patagonia, maker of "environmentally conscious" sportswear and enemy of conventional agriculture, has issued a "chicken little" alert to its customers over genetically modified crops. Employing the usual bad science and scare tactics, the trendy clothing manufactu Read More

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