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Missing Links

Looking for controversy? Then come on down and join the thimerosal debate. It has everything needed to keep going for years: a terrible medical condition with a mysterious origin, shady politics, and plenty of lawyers. Thimerosal is a preservative that... Read More

Let's Hope This 'Clicks'

Nobel laureate Barry Sharpless has just published some very interesting chemistry, with implications for pharmaceuticals and several other fields. It could lead to faster and cheaper ways to find drug candidates, which the industry could certainly use, given its cu Read More

Vaccinating Against AIDS

In my last column, I made the case that a vaccine is the only thing that can stop the catastrophic HIV epidemic, at least in the hardest-hit regions. But that statement raises key questions: Is it even possible to... Read More

HIV, Hi-Tech, and Hope

No one who keeps up with the news needs to be reminded of the slow-motion HIV disaster. Looking at the statistics, though, it's as if there are two separate diseases. In most of the developed world, it's has taken a... Read More

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