Desmond Lachman: July 2007 Archives

Betting the House?

Hope springs eternal on Wall Street. For despite short-lived periodic concerns about the US sub-prime mortgage lending fiasco, Wall Street analysts almost uniformly put a positive spin on the present unraveling of the US housing market. By so doing,... Read More

The World Has Changed, Why Won't the Fund and the Bank?

In recent years, both the IMF and the World Bank have become remarkably free in urging their member countries to improve their governance and to downsize their bloated public sectors. Yet both Bretton Woods institutions have consistently opposed any serious... Read More

The Fed's Housing Bet

As sub-prime lending problems at Bear Sterns, the venerable Wall Street investment bank, now come to light, one has to be struck by the positive spin that market analysts continue to put on the looming problems in the US... Read More

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