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The Politics of Fear

Despite the bitter rivalries played out in the US and Europe over the presidential election, there seems to be a consensus that the election came down to a referendum on George W. Bush and his War on Terror. Here's... Read More

Global Warming as Secular Faith

Tourists and locals alike in southern Italy have been plagued by swarms of locusts this summer. There have been many biblical comparisons to Old Testament plagues. That the town of Matera has been overrun by the locusts has undoubtedly... Read More

Careless Whimper

There were predictions of mass demonstrations and harsh criticism for George W. Bush before his three-day visit to Europe to commemorate World War II anniversaries. Although the controversies surrounding the war in Iraq were off-limits during the D-Day ceremonies, Read More

Greenpeace Health Police

Greenpeace has been increasing its pressure tactics ahead of the European Commission's key meeting on genetically modified (GM) food set for 19 May. At this meeting, the Commission will decide whether to give the go-ahead for an application by... Read More

Wilted Greens

In Rome last month, 32 separate European Green parties joined forces to launch a single European Green party. They will now present a common platform for the European Parliamentary elections in June. Does this mean that the Greens are... Read More

Easy Riders

The European Commission recently launched something called the European Road Safety Charter. Among other objectives, the Charter requires signatories to promote "continuous education actions and the rehabilitation of high-risk drivers" to halve the number of road Read More

Who's Fat?

Nations used to compete over trade and military spheres of influence. These days it is hard to find a country that does not claim it is the fattest in the world.  Most assume that the US leads the league... Read More

Kyoto and Our Adaptive Capacity

MILAN, Italy -- A cloud is hanging over Milan as delegates from 188 countries are discussing climate change here. The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change is holding its ninth conference of the Conference of the Parties (COP 9),... Read More

Old and In the Way?

During the summer, Italian TV promoted the elderly. Grannies competed to become TV hostesses in the popular 'Velone' series and the reality show 'Super Seniors' began. But the Italian government sees old people as a problem and is planning to... Read More

Italy's Greenouts

This June's blackouts in Italy may not have been as newsworthy as those in the US and the UK, but they were just as serious for those Italians stuck in lifts and dark Alpine road tunnels. What difference switching... Read More

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