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Lord Harris of High Cross, RIP

Supporters of the free economy and free society from around the world are mourning the death of Lord Harris of High Cross, who has died at the age of 81. Ralph Harris was a not only a key figure in... Read More

Friedman's Lessons for Europe

Milton Friedman - Nobel economist, arch-monetarist, barely five feet tall but still utterly ebullient - turned 94 this month. His thinking has a lot to tell Europeans about how to run their governments and their economies. It was Friedman who... Read More

Blame Politicians, Not Managers, for Productivity Gap

Productivity in Britain is 20% behind that of France and Germany, according to a recent report. And in some sectors, like retailing, it is 40% behind that of America. So various pundits have been parading on the BBC and... Read More

Is Reform Possible?

Policy experts talk long and often about the need to reform state-run services like education, pensions, and healthcare. I used to talk the same way. But I've come to believe that state services are simply incapable of being reformed.... Read More

Time to Buy Candles

Propellers are clustering on the cold, windy coasts of Europe. Germany already prides itself in producing half of Europe's wind energy, and plans more offshore wind parks along the North Sea and Baltic coasts. Ending nuclear generation has been... Read More

An Empowered World

Poor villages in Thailand have found a great way to improve their lives and make a little money. They generate electricity using micro-hydroelectric equipment, and then sell on any surplus to neighbouring settlements. Instead of waiting for the state-sponsored elec Read More

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