Articles by Edward J. Renehan

The War Over the Robber Barons

WICKFORD, RI -- During the bleak days of the Depression, Matthew Josephson -- at that time a self-proclaimed Marxist published a biased and mistake-packed economic history of the Gilded Age. Josephson's The Robber Barons: The Great American Capitalists, 1861... Read More

Bernie Ebbers Was No Jay Gould

Wickford, RI This week Judge Barbara Jones slapped Bernard Ebbers with a 25-year sentence for his profiteering at WorldCom. Ebbers is 63 and nurses a heart problem. Therefore his sentence may actually be life. Add to this the separate civil... Read More

Revolutionizing a Revolution

WICKFORD, RI - Researchers have recently started the process of revolutionizing a revolution. Engineers from Lucent's Bell Labs -- allied with collaborators at the University of California/Santa Cruz, Lehigh University, and Agility Communications -- stand poised t Read More

War of Words

WICKFORD, RI. - Today's headlines are full of stories about poets who rail against war with Iraq. An organization called Poets Against the War claims to have gathered poems and statements from some 12,000 American "writers," known and unknown, mostly... Read More

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