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911 Days Later

Following the worst terrorist event in Spanish history yesterday, one is left to ponder whether the ten train bombs that killed 198 commuters and wounded over 1,400 will tell a Spanish or a European story. Today's headlines struggle to... Read More

Out of Poverty

KAMPALA, Uganda -- Far away from the capital, the Ugandan bush is a cemetery of unfinished homes, a solemn monument to the devastation AIDS has wreaked on the world's poorest continent.   These roofless brick structures, overgrown with grass and... Read More

It's the Infrastructure, Stupid

KIGALI, Rwanda -- What Tommy Thompson, the U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services, and his delegation of scientists and industry leaders are learning here is helping to put the scope of Africa's HIV/AIDS crisis in perspective. There are no... Read More

Secretary Thompson: "No Good Deed Goes Unpunished"

LIVINGSTONE, Zambia -- Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson has come to Africa to assess the needs for four of the countries in President Bush's emergency plan to address global HIV/AIDS. The President's hand selected "AIDS Czar," Randall To Read More

Postcards From Cancun

CANCUN, Mexico -- Just for the record, according to the affable Riverwind, "provocateurs" were responsible for the infamous calamity of the Seattle protests in 1999. They subversively coerced the police to gas activists. Now, as the World Trade Organization's... Read More

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