Articles by Erik Baard

Cosmic Mash-Ups

Cosmic violence makes Hollywood happy. Disaster films have slammed the Earth with asteroids and tossed us into the maws of black holes. Now astrophysicists, armed with supercomputers, are wowing audiences by bringing real data to life in a film called... Read More

Scraps of God and Darwin

At a time when America is lamentably polarized, perhaps our deepest and most enduring debate rages between Creationism and evolution. But now one surprisingly prominent research leader is daring an attempt to bridge the gap with a book about DNA... Read More

The Easter Bunny's Fossilized Ancestor

The Easter Bunny has been on his way for a long time. An international team of paleontologists has discovered a 55-million year old fossil of a primitive rabbit in Mongolia's Gobi Desert, predating earlier finds by 20 million years.... Read More

Mars Mirage

Perhaps our next Mars probe should be called the Tinkerbell. The fairy from "Peter Pan" was brought to life by children shouting, "I do believe in fairies! I do! I do!" The same chorus of belief in Martians resounds... Read More

Who'll Save the Hubble?

The Bush administration has made it clear that the United States takes the measure of its friendships in the face of mortal risks like its war in Iraq. But even this bold administration has identified a danger it is... Read More

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