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A Response to Krugman's "The Angry Rich"

Image by Getty Images via @daylifePaul Krugman recently submitted a New York Times piece entitled, "The Angry Rich." In the puffy piece, the pop culture Nobel Laureate advances the idea that wealthy people are entirely unjustified in their anger toward... Read More

On the Intrinsic Value of Precious Metals

It is often said that precious metals have no intrinsic value, and thus the man who claims it as a safe asset and store of wealth has been mislead by superstition. Economists, financial advisors, and politicians of all stripes perpetuate this sentiment. Gold, they Read More

A Note on the 4th

As the 234th 4th arrives and passes, a prudent and reflective people should consider the meaning of the date, ponder the ramifications of the events which took place, and examine with a certain tenacity whether the goals set forth in those days have been met and ma Read More

The Deceptive Debt Ratio

The United States has a growing debt problem. It also has a problem measuring the same. The statistic normally used is the "Debt to GDP" ratio, referring to the amount of debt versus the nation's sum total of transactions. As of Q1 2010, the US debt to GDP ratio wa Read More

On Spending and Keynesian Displacement

Squeezed forth by the global financial crisis, certain detestable economic myths are bubbling through every legislative orifice. As the hand of retribution grips down on the world's monetary system, a gooey slime of absurd premonitions have oozed out of a... Read More

The Record of the Federal Reserve

Not a day goes by without talk of the Federal Reserve, whether by the organization itself or by its opponents. An incessant cheerleader of his organization, Chairman Ben Bernanke will be the first to tell you that the Federal Reserve... Read More

Big Credit and Big Government

"Send me a bill that stops credit card companies from taking advantage of consumers, and do it by month's end, President Barack Obama is demanding of Congress" - Associated PressYet again, the U.S. Government is regulating voluntary actions between individuals... Read More

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