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From No Nukes to New Nukes

The six-month consultation period on the EU's Green Paper on a European Strategy for Sustainable, Competitive and Secure Energy comes to an end on September 24. But no matter what the accumulated public feedback reveals, recent news headlines underline some... Read More

Investment Spam Scams Work; What Should We Do About Them?

Let me guess what's inside your inbox -- or at least its spam folder. Chances are that 15% of your spam is made up of stock tips on numerous "microcap" stocks traded on Pink Sheets, an over-the-counter quotation system. These... Read More

Time Bomb

BERLIN -- Only three weeks after a foiled terrorist plot Germany has grasped the full scale of the disaster it had avoided by mere accident. The bombs planted on two trains in Western Germany could have brought a massacre on... Read More

Passport Puzzle

At a recent technology conference in Las Vegas, Lukas Grunwald, a German security expert, showed how a few hundred euros combined with some publicly available information helped him clone a German electronic passport that had been specially designed to eliminate... Read More

Europe Slips a Disc

The DVD standards war between Sony's Blu-Ray and Toshiba's HD-DVD has entered a distinctively European chapter after the European Commission decided to weigh in on the issue. Last week the EU's executive branch launched an antitrust probe that is to... Read More

I'm EU, You're EU

As its popularity flounders, the EU is focusing on "getting itself closer to the people" by, among other things, launching webcasts of its meetings, organizing cake-baking competitions, and attempting hostile takeovers of popular song contests. Not surprisingly, mo Read More

Trouble in the Pipeline

In the past few months Ashgabat, Turkmenistan's capital, welcomed more delegations from Minsk, Moscow, and Kiev than did Brussels, London, and Washington combined. However, it is not the giant sculptures of its president Saparmurat Niyazov or the rotating 3D models Read More

Germany's Green Hypocrisy

Germany has finally bid auf wiedersehen to "the first climate neutral World Cup", as FIFA dubbed it. Yes, the organizers worked hard to give the host country the greenest tint possible. For example, according to BBC News, the stadium in... Read More

The Paranoid Manifesto

Unfocused, ambitious, naïve: Finland has drafted a tedious agenda for its six-month EU presidency. Judging by the outreach efforts implied in that document, Helsinki is under a severe global-power inferiority complex, which it plans to rectify while presiding in Br Read More

The New Face of Globalization...

Lakshmi Mittal, the richest Indian in the world, brought his country an unexpected victory in globalization's World Cup. When on June 25 it was announced that Arcelor's board had accepted the new offer from Mittal Steel, essentially clearing the way... Read More

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