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2006: Year of the Apology

"Back comes Oprah! Back comes Oprah! Back Comes Oprah!" In a comeback off the canvas that would have driven Howard Cosell cockeyed, the queen of American television last week redeemed her reputation with a blistering knockout of contemptible new-millionaire author. Read More

Sleeping with the Enemy

"Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it." -- Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals, 1989 The late and legendary community activist must have been giddy in his grave the other day, when the world's largest lending institution,... Read More

Why Bush Held His Own with Russert

With apologies to the Democratic candidates, The New York Times editorial page, Don Imus, and -- of all people -- Peggy Noonan, I beg to differ. I think President Bush acquitted himself smartly this weekend in his head-to-head battle... Read More

Meet the Un-Enron: Banking's Next Top Gun

In the 1970s, three commercial banks dominated the world. Chase Manhattan. Bank of America. Citibank. Each sat atop more than $100 billion in assets and deposits. Just below the Big 3 in rank were a host of banking behemoths,... Read More

Learning from Limbaugh

"I offered an opinion. This opinion has caused discomfort to the crew, which I regret."                             -- Rush L Read More

Seizing the Pre-Pubescent Pirates

"We really look at it as stealing, because to us, it's black and white. Either you pay for it or you don't."                           -- Nelly, Read More

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