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A Beautiful Story

They said God did not hate us, after all,They said we had to suffer to be free,They said our sins were from a happy fall,And if it isn't true, it ought to be. In all the universes there could... Read More

Texas Autumn (Veteran's Day, 2006)

And now it's time to celebrate Fall. From the high silent mesas of Chalk Ridge All of Texas lies resting in the mild brief days. Under the blue sky its cedar barrens, its quarries, Its small towns with their... Read More

What's Good About Atheism

The recent small spate of atheist writings by the likes of Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, and Sam Harris, noticed in the pages of Wired and The Guardian, revives an old and rather quaint controversy. It is one which, I... Read More

Baghdad Vigilantes and the Dark Side of Civil Society

Isn't something missing in the current accounts of the new wave of Iraqi violence? The situation has changed quite radically, it seems, but nobody is saying exactly how. Here is how it strikes this naïve observer. The attacks against our... Read More

Culture and the Demographic Crisis

A study of history may cast some light on the present demographic crisis in Europe and the developed world -- in which several nations have fallen below the population replacement rate -- and on the current controversy over immigration here... Read More

Velvet Revolutions and the Logic of Terrorism

Part of our difficulty in dealing with global terror directed against civilian populations is that we have not, I believe, understood what it was designed to attack. Some see it as a war between cultural blocs, others as a... Read More

Divine Evolution

Oscar Wilde remarked that to be happy it is not enough to be a success; our friends must fail. Religious views -- whether theistic or atheistic -- are, alas, the same: for our view to be right, all the... Read More

Darwin Among the Believers

In a recent TCS essay ("Darwin and Design: The Evolution of a Flawed Debate") I attacked what I regarded as the excesses of both sides of the evolution-creationism debate. There were angry responses in the mail and the blogosphere from... Read More

Darwin and Design: The Evolution of a Flawed Debate

Does the theory of evolution make God unnecessary to the very existence of the world? If there is no God, what authority, if any, guarantees the moral law of humankind? These questions are crucial in the current controversies that are... Read More

Why Would the Times Publish This Story?

A recent article by Scott Shane, Stephen Grey and Margot Williams in the New York Times revealed the use of aircraft charter companies by the CIA and other intelligence agencies, together with specific aircraft markings, bases, routes, and other information... Read More

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