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Taxi Cab Obsessions

Early last spring, I invited my new girlfriend to Rome for an extended week-end. For Scandinavians still trapped in a six months long hibernation, being able to sip campari and orange juice on the sidewalk in March sunshine is a... Read More

Supply Shock and Awe

Economists usually argue vehemently in favor of globalization. International trade, they contend, fosters specialization and division of labor. Each country leverages its comparative advantage, which in the longer run leads to marked welfare gains. Jobs will be los Read More

Meet Jacques Six-Pack

Why is so much wrong with the French? It's a question many people have been asking lately, and often with good reason. Free-marketeers complain about ├ętatism and protectionism, making a WTO success in Hong Kong impossible and obstructing the modernization... Read More

Che vs Pinochet?

A friend of mine went to Cuba, and all I got was this lousy t-shirt. It was one with this classic Che Guevara picture, with beret and all. Revolution, romanticism and a sexy-looking young man. That is all you need... Read More

A Tsunami to Our Priorities

A few days after the Asian earthquake disaster, with perhaps as many as 100,000 casualties, the human losses and the struggle of the survivors are what occupy most of our minds. I myself have acquaintances who are still missing... Read More

Moving on Up

A new comparison between the countries in East and Central Europe shows just how well economic reforms work. The data show that those that abandoned central planning the fastest are the best off today. In many of the more... Read More

Sweden: Beaten At Its Own Game

Sweden is the country in the world where people give up the largest share of their income to the government. And it has been so for decades. But the Swedish public is not too displeased with taxes. Rather the... Read More

Who Deserves Jobs?

The outsourcing/off-shoring debate is still hot. In France and Germany, fears about de-industrialization are voiced over and again. In the US, the loss of jobs plays an important role in the presidential campaign. Lou Dobbs of CNN has just... Read More

Happiness Is...

The International Labor Organization (ILO) has just released a new report stating that Sweden is the best country in the world for workers. In the Swedish media, the report is presented under the headline: "Swedish workers happiest in the... Read More

I ? EU

Coming from a country where it is usually considered left to be against and right to be for the European Union, it is often perplexing to follow the debate on the EU in free-market fora such as TechCentralStation. Libertarians... Read More

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