Articles by Gareth Harding

Half-Baked Europe

The European Union will mark its 50th anniversary next year, but if the current malaise continues its celebration is more likely to resemble a wake than a birthday party. The 25-member bloc has been in a funk since French and... Read More

Lamely at the Top

BRUSSELS -- European politicians often wonder why voters don't trust them, are turned off by politics and refuse to show up at polling stations on election day. A quick scan of recent newspaper headlines may help provide an answer. In... Read More

Worker's Paradise?

The EU has designated 2006 the European Year of Workers' Mobility. Try telling that to the 75 million citizens of the Union's newest member countries -- who have been barred from working in all but three of the EU's previous... Read More

Is It Hopeless?

Suddenly, it seems, genetically modified foods are everywhere -- except in the fields, supermarkets and research institutes where they could be feeding people and creating wealth. Washington announced it had finally lost patience with the European Union's five-year Read More

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