Articles by George A. Pieler & Jens F. Laurson

The Happy Economist

Should there be a Nobel Prize for creating happiness? Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz may think so—he chaired Nicolas Sarkozy's "International Commission on the Measurement of Economic Performance and Social Progress" (ICMEPSP? Let's say "ICM), which recommends a ha Read More

Workers of the World

Change is here, and people are responding. Bank of America just responded to the decision by Congress to limit hiring of foreign skilled workers under the H-1B program, and did so by canceling contracts to hire a batch of foreign-born... Read More

Casino Socialism

Risk-taking has gotten a bad name, as huge losses for investors large and small undermine our faith in the self correcting power of markets that has held for a quarter-century. As the global recession spreads, blaming free markets has been the knee-jerk.. Read More

Asia's Election Triumph?

In times of political and financial upheaval, leaders must not forget that economics is decidedly not a zero sum game - quite the opposite. Absent coercion, economic activity is by definition for mutual benefit, and the more people benefit, the greater... Read More

France's Spring Break Perpetuel

Proving that any French politician should know better than to try to reform that country's economy, France has just scrapped its modest youth labor reform. Sluggish, inflexible and costly that economy may be, exemplified in Europe's highest youth unemployment. But. Read More

Wasted Energy

Entered with high hopes, Europe's recent economic summit -- which focused on energy -- produced but a damp squib: agreement on process to explore agreement on major issues, with no substantive accord at all. Meanwhile Brussels asserts power over power... Read More

Merkel's Atlantic Crossing

Angela Merkel passed the acid test: her first US visit as German chancellor proved her ability to please disparate audiences without causing offense. With amazing speed Merkel established her authority in Germany by forging a national consensus on economic policy,. Read More

Merkel Outfoxed, or Leading the Pack?

On her way to becoming Germany's first female chancellor, Angela Merkel has signed off on a policy platform that seems designed for failure: multiple tax hikes on a sluggish economy, modest restraints on state spending and virtually no initiatives to... Read More

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