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Taxes in 50-Part Harmony?

Who taxes whom, and where, and when, is a never-ending source of controversy between nations. Europe's long-running dispute with the U.S. over export tax breaks is in its third decade, while digital commerce weakens the links between taxpayers and geographic... Read More

E-Commerce: The Counter-Revolution

Tax collectors have targeted electronic commerce for fresh revenues ever since Ebay, Amazon, and proved they were serious about revolutionizing retailing. The war has been fought on two fronts: taxing the internet services that make electronic retailing Read More

Fueling Energy News

Carbon-based energy sources are what's 'in' for 2006. These classic fossil fuels, which many thought were on their way out courtesy of the Kyoto Protocol, have made a truly stunning comeback: indeed they dominate energy news at the dawn of... Read More

Germany: Not Dead Yet

Conventional wisdom has it that Germany's muddled election and left-right "grand coalition" government show the nation is fundamentally resistant to economic reform. Free-market conservatives saw Angela Merkel's center-right coalition convert a massive poll lead in Read More

Global Tax; or Global Tax Reform?

Am I the only one who noticed that the Kyoto Protocol (imposing artificial constraints on energy use to regulate atmospheric carbon dioxide to reduce the 'greenhouse effect' to, supposedly, reduce the hypothetical rate of theoretical global warming) came into effec Read More

Courting Disaster

With a preliminary victory over Microsoft in its never-ending antitrust prosecution, the European Union aims to assume an ever-larger role in the global economy. Will 2005 witness the emergence of Europe as a true economic superpower? There can be no... Read More


Computer users know some downloads are more trouble than they are worth. The proposed INDUCE Act (S. 2560), currently in the Senate Judiciary Committee, would download an entire product-pack of bad laws, undermining the utility not just of downloads,... Read More

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