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Lancet Snaps Fingers to Make New Drugs Appear

The pharmaceutical industry gets blamed for many flaws in America's healthcare system. Witness an editorial in last week's The Lancet, a widely read British medical journal calling for new antibiotics to be created. The Lancet editors (likely including editor in... Read More

Unsafe at Any Price

Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) is on a quixotic quest to allow foreign drugs into our pharmacies and clinics. However, anyone familiar with the issue is well aware that so-called "Canadian" drugs allowed under the "Vitter Amendment" can come from almost... Read More

Chemical Ban Will Not Help Kids

Activists and some politicians are exploiting parents' legitimate concerns for their children's health by trying to convince state governments to pass a ban on the safe and eminently useful chemical bisphenol-A (BPA). BPA has been used in many familiar guises... Read More

Stifling Innovation

Despite the plethora of bad economic news this year, good news abounds for pro-regulatory, litigation-happy "consumer activists" on the left -- and their attorney camp-followers. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson recently announced her plan Read More

Dark Days Ahead for "Big Pharma" -- and You

When all three branches of the federal government target an industry, you know it's in big trouble. The hapless companies under the gun are our pharmaceutical manufacturers, but we will all be victims in this crusade. The Obama administration has... Read More

The Supremacy of Preemption

Patients will benefit if the Supreme Court sides with pharmaceutical companies in two cases this session, establishing the general principle that drug makers can't be sued for unforeseen side effects that emerge after drugs have received Food and Drug... Read More

Unnecessary X-Rays Should Be Avoided (But Which are Unnecessary?)

American consumers should not be alarmed or confused by two recent studies that call our attention to the difficulty in deciding who should -- and who should not -- be exposed to radiation from medical X-rays. In fact, all you... Read More

Sicko Regulations

In his new documentary Sicko, which calls for nationalized health care, Michael Moore shows a montage of ads urging the viewer to "ask your doctor" about various medications, implying they are responsible for over-medicating society. Lucky for patients, not everyon Read More

Help for Arthritics?

There are two new COX-2 inhibitors on the market in Europe and many other regions, offering possible help against both arthritis and cancer but not in the United States: Novartis' Prexige and Merck's Arcoxia. Will our drug agency fairly... Read More

COX-2 Comeback?

The class of drugs known as COX-2 inhibitors took another hit with the latest liability verdict against Merck's Vioxx from a New Jersey jury (not to mention an additional $9 million in punative damages against the company coming yesterday). Yet... Read More

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