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Keep It Quiet

I've used this column in the past as a means of issuing impassioned pleas to product designers. Now it's time for another, at least as heartfelt as the ones in the past: Please, keep things quiet. Or at least... Read More

A Second American Civil War?

Is America in danger of civil war? Not immediately, perhaps, but famed science fiction writer Orson Scott Card thinks that we're in enough danger that he's authored a cautionary tale entitled Empire that's set in more-or-less present times. In... Read More

Is Democracy Like Sex?

So the elections are over, and happily my fears of last week weren't borne out. A cynic may say that it was because the Democrats won, but for whatever reason there weren't major complaints of fraud or miscounting. That... Read More

Why We Should Worry More About Vote Fraud

As I write this, nobody knows how the elections will turn out. That hasn't stopped some preemptive claims of fraud, though: Pelosi cautioned that the number of Democratic House victories could be higher or lower and said her greatest concern... Read More

Trust, But No Way to Verify?

Well, this report from The New York Times doesn't make me feel better about electronic voting:The federal government is investigating the takeover last year of a leading American manufacturer of electronic voting systems by a small software company that has... Read More

Frontiers in Germicidal Living

There was nearly a political scandal last week, over hand sanitizer. The New York Times reported that President Bush had shaken hands with Sen. Barack Obama, only to have an aide immediately squirt some sanitizer on his hands. Not much... Read More

We're All Soldiers of Fortune Now

Survival kits and disaster preparedness used to be something out of the mainstream. After a brief (and heavily-mocked) period of fallout-shelter construction in the late 1950s and early 1960s, the notion of private disaster preparedness retreated from the mainstrea Read More

Beam Me Up, Osama

Last week I looked at a potential technological revolution in jet travel. I still hope that happens, but I was struck by a news item this week that promises even faster transportation via teleportation. That's been done with individual atoms... Read More

Jet You

I flew the not-so-friendly skies last week, with flight delays taking such a toll on my trip that I literally could have gotten to Washington, D.C. from Knoxville faster by driving than I did by flying on a nonstop flight... Read More

A Pebble's Ripple Effect

Whether or not you believe that we're in the midst of an episode of anthropogenic global warming, it seems to me that burning fossil fuels when there are alternatives is obviously a bad idea. Leaving aside greenhouse gases, burning coal... Read More

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