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No Nano Secrecy, Please

I've been hearing some disturbing things about nanotechnology lately. I don't swear that they're accurate, but I'm getting whispers and too-pointed-I-can-neither-confirm-nor-deny remarks that suggest that the federal government is ever so quietly beginning an effo Read More

Open-Source Legislation

I've written before about why Fritz Hollings' "Consumer Broadband and Digital Television Promotion Act of 2002" is a terrible idea, and why it's likely to be a political disaster for the Democratic party. But I'm not the only one... Read More

All Tomorrow's Media

A few months back, I wrote about Old Media's unhappiness in the face of New Media, and in particular its unhappiness with the growth of weblogs. Since then, weblog-mania has skyrocketed, and the obligatory Old Media weblog-putdown-piece has reached... Read More

Green or Gray?

Will the future be green? Or gray? Or, to put it another way, do we face a choice between a "biofuture" and a "machine future?" Biophysicist Gregory Stock will be debating artificial intelligence guru Ray Kurzweil on this very... Read More

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