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Tech in a Dangerous World

The Internet is becoming a more dangerous place. Pro-Islamic hackers are targeting Western assets. Russian cybercriminals are playing cat-and-mouse with the FBI. And viruses and worms keep spreading. That's a problem for us, and an opportunity for some unsavory cha Read More

'Version Fatigue'

I'm tired of learning how to do new things. Well, not really. But I've noticed that my tolerance for reading the manual and familiarizing myself with all the aspects of a new product or piece of software is much, much... Read More

We the People of Mars...

In response to a column of mine on Mars a few weeks back, reader Philip Shropshire posted a comment asking: "I'm curious as to what you think. Would you prefer to live under the American constitution on Mars or a... Read More

Brains: Good, Bad, and Modified

This week's edition of The Economist asks an important question: Why are we spending so much time worrying about cloning and genetics, and so little time worrying about neuroscience, when the latter poses at least as much of a threat?... Read More

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